UK’s hydrogen strategy proposal launched

August marked the launch of the government’s ‘plan for a world leading hydrogen economy’. The strategy outlines the main ways in which a hydrogen value chain would contribute to meeting the British government’s 6th Carbon Budget (2033-37) and subs…


IPCC: Little news – but one significant change is worth noting

The publication of the first part of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6, Working Group 1) in August generated a degree of legitimate interest globally.

The US is trying to balance climate and economic considerations – CCS is getting more attention

Following the United States’ re-entry into the Paris Agreement and new, ambitious targets for net-zero by 2050, much has happened in the areas of energy and climate policy that may have an impact on the development of CCS in the United States.

Dry wells provides an opportunity for CO₂ storage

Results from two CLIMIT supported projects show that there is potential for CO2 storage in two dry wells.

Gassnova will promote technology development and build competence for cost-effective and future-oriented solutions for capture, transport and storage of CO2 (CCS) – among other things through learning from the Longship project.



CCS Environmental Analysis, August

On a monthly basis, Gassnova prepares an analysis of important CCS international market trends, and what drives innovation in our focus areas. Here is the analysis for August.


Gassnova facilitates the development of technology and solutions that can ensure cost efficient and progressive solution for the capture and storage of CO2.
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) removes carbon from emissions and stores it safely beneath the ocean floor.